A downloadable game for Windows

Your Name is Kyle, You’re just a normal kid who went to sleep on Christmas Eve so you can open your presents the next day. Unfortunately the lost toys of Christmas Past have taken you and your presents  and put yourself in a Nightmare. You must find all 6 of your presents then escape your dream via the Glowing Christmas Tree located in your dream.

How to Play:

To collect your presents just walk into it. Oh Yeah and be sure to Blast Away the toys of Christmas Past with your Laser Blaster before the Toys get you!!!

Keyboard and Mouse Controls:

WSAD to move, Space to Jump.   Shift- to Run , Mouse button to Shoot.(Ammo is Unlimited, however your Nightmare Health isnt) 

Install instructions

Download to Folder of your Choice, then Extract files.  Run the EXE that says A Christmas Thievery.  Enjoy 

**New Update 12/25**.- Re-uploaded. Please download a Christmas Thievery V2. If your viewing this page again and you downloaded the previous one, remove it and download this one.

-Has how to play instructions in game, -Present Collection Sound, Enemy spawn modified to give player more time to search,  -Modified Enemy attack speed, Modified Sound levels of Ambient music and background music, - Added restart option if you get stuck in the map


A Christmas Thievery V2 42 MB


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was anyone able to find the presents and escape ?