A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Nature walk simulator: Bored and can't go to sleep well try out my nature walk simulator enjoy nature sounds and walk the Nature trails, change the weather and time of day, listen to the ambiance of the trails and background music tracks. Then when your done playing you should be in full sleepy mode. Hope your graphics card is ready as it will be crunching numbers!!!.

PS: If you see a nice view you like take a snapshot and post your favorite view!!

This game is still a Work In Progress.Submitting for Itch.io community game jam for the following: Simulator Jam and QaziJam 9.5 entry.

Submission for 4-21-2017.

**Please leave me some feedback to let me know what you all think. If you like this i may continue this game and add more features to it.**

Install instructions

(Windows)Instructions as followed below:

1.) Download Zip File

2.) Extract files to desktop or a folder location of your choice.

3.) There should then been two files which is the Nature Walk Simulator Data File and the Nature Walk Simulator Exe

4.) Run the Nature Walk Simulator exe. To Choose your Screen Resolution, and Graphics Quality.

5.) Enjoy the Simulation and Leave some feedback please.


Nature Walk Simulator 129 MB
Nature Walk Simulator Linux Build 132 MB


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